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Rainbow Chakra Healing Bead Bracelet

Rainbow Chakra Healing Bead Bracelet

This Rainbow Chakra healing bracelet is made up of authentic stones, for protection, healing, vitality and clarity etc. Details of the 7 healing chakras below.


Suitable for ALL WRIST SIZES! 

Bracelet length: 16cm, expandable up to 26cm in circumfrence. 


Crown Chakra (Purple)

Amethyst - Offers Calmness and Peace


Third Eye Chakra (Blue)

Lapis Lazuli - Provides Clarity 


Throat Chakra (Turquoise)

Turquoise - Heals 


Heart Chakra (Green)

Green King Stone - Joy and wards off negative energy


Solar Plexus Chakra (Brown)

Tiger-Eye - Provides Strength, Stealth and Vitality


Sacral Chakra (Amber)

Amber - Balance


Root Chakra (Red)

Red Agate offers Protection 

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